The owners of the Fisherman’s Co-op contacted us to ask if it was possible to remove all the unsightly algae staining from the exterior of the building just one week prior to the Ballina Prawn Festival.

AQUAJET Pressure Clean were informed by the Co-op that they had already contacted other cleaning company’s and they were told that it was too hard to access and it couldn’t be done with such a porous brick so streaking or some staining would remain.

Two days before the Festival we successfully removed all the staining and applied our anti-fungal treatment to the areas cleaned. The building looks brand new, it remains fresh and clean still today. Now that’s definately value for money!!

We cleaned it again! and it looks great, we first cleaned and treated this building for mould in 2013, unfortunately a decision was made not to maintain the algae treatment, but it lasted 4 years anyway before the mould reappeared.